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PS Renmark


Learn why the many shipwrecks along the South Coast eventually resulted in the Port Adelaide we see today. Discover three different types of historic river-trade shipwrecks right here on your cruise.

Black Swans

The Bridge

Discover the complex story of one of SA’s most controversial buildings, the Hindmarsh Island (Kumarangk) bridge. More importantly learn the story of the Ngarrindjeri, and how SA’s history was re-written with distant-origin European names like the Fleurieu Peninsula (French)

The australian Pelican

Pelecanus conspicillatus

The Fleurieu Peninsula is home to hundreds of birds species. The totem of the native Aboriginal tribe the Tanganarin, this iconic and wonderful bird is a regular resident of the Lower Lakes & the Coorong.

PS Oscar W.

1908 paddle-steamer

This workhorse of the river is lovingly cared for in her old age by a wonderful group of local volunteers. Explore her at the dock for free or even take a ride during one of her short cruises. If she is at the dock we cruise close by her paddle-wheels, learning the river-trade history, how they operated and the amazing loads they carried, all with a unique waterline view of these amazing vessels.

Coorong Quays

Boats, houses & waterways

The largest fresh-water marina in the southern hemisphere. Discover hidden gems, amazing boats and magnificent houses cruising the serene and wind protected waters of the marina. Lifestyle of the rich & famous? You will be surprised at what you find!

Australasian Fur Seal

Goolwa Barrage

Completed in 1940, the Goolwa barrage is one of 5 structures controlling the flow of fresh water into the ocean. Learn why these & Murray river locks were built. Along the South Coast, whales & seals were virtually hunted to extinction by ships from many nations. The seals have made a strong recovery (learn why whales are a little slower) and since 2009 (somewhat controversially) can often seen basking on the barrage (like this one) or even hunting in the waters off Goolwa.